Communications Project Form

Each year the Iowa Conference Communications team receives hundreds of requests for information and materials to be produced. To assure that your project is produced on time, on budget and to specification, we ask that you complete all the questions on this form for each project requested. Please be specific and do not combine projects. If you have questions on how to respond to these questions, please contact the Director of Communications, Dr. Arthur McClanahan at (515) 974-8906 or the Communications Manager, Liz Winders at (515) 974-8907 or send us an email to 

*First Name
*Last Name
*Address 1
Address 2

What organization, committee or agency is requesting this work? Please be specific and include the name of the conference, church, district, or agency name. Please note that this is where all invoices will be assigned.

*Billing Address for Outside Services

If vendors are used (writers, printers, production companies, etc.) who will the invoice go to?

Iowa Conference, The United Methodist Church, Attn: Communications, 2301 Rittenhouse St., Des Moines, IA 50321
You (Use billing address above)
Other (Please specify below)
If you chose Other for Billing Address for Outside Services

Please specify

*Name of Project

Please be specific (i.e. Video Project for Board of Ordained Ministries)

*Type of Project

What are we producing?

If you chose Other for Type of Project

Please specify

*Final Format of the Project
If you chose Other for Final Format

Please specify

*Quantity (answer by providing a number)

Indicate the number of copies you need of this project.

*Final Deadline (Month, Day, Year and Time)

What day does this project needs to be completed and delivered to you? Please note that the complexity of your project, when it is requested and the volume of current projects underway will determine when (and if) this can be competed by your deadline.

Date Needed for Approval (Month, Day, Year and Time)

What day do you, your staff, or your committee need to see a proof of this project for approval. Please note that the complexity of your project, time it is ordered and volume of projects currently underway will determine if we can meet this internal deadline.

*Material Provided

What will you be providing to the Iowa Conference Communications department to assist them in assembling this project?

Talent for interviews/images, etc.
We need Communications of do the interview, audio or video and will be providing briefing information
Other (please specify below)

Where will this project be sent or delivered upon completion?

E-mailed only to me
E-mailed to a list
Posted to web and/or social media
Bulk mailed to mailing list by post office
Shipped in mass to one or more locations
Picked up from the Iowa Conference Communications Department
Other (please specify below)
If you chose Other for Materials Provided

Please specify

If you chose Other for Delivery option

Please specify

*Delivery Instructions

Please provide specific and complete mailing, email or web address where this project is to be delivered. If this is to be sent to either an e-mail list of mailing list, indicate who will be providing the list.

*Approval Process

Who will be responsible to provide final approval person for this project and can also provide approval to expend conference or area funds on this project.

Only me. No others need to approve this project.
Only me, however I will be sharing this with a committee for feedback.
A committee will finalize this project. I will get it to them and provide you their response.
Iowa Conference Communications Department
If you chose Other for Approval Process

Please specify

Approval E-mail Address
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