Iowa Conference Leadership Pool Form

Complete this form fully, providing as much information as possible, in order for Conference and District Nominations Committees to match your interests and abilities with open positions.


Names will be placed in the Leadership Pool, a computer listing used by the District and Conference Nominations Committees when filling open positions. If the Leadership Pool does not have persons matching the particular needs of a board or agency, nominations may be made of persons outside the pool.


Not all persons in the pool will be nominated immediately for district or conference boards or agencies.  However, each name will be kept in an active file for four years.  To be considered for board nomination beyond the four years, it is highly suggested you fill out a new form at the quadrennium.

*Preferred Name
*Address 1
Address 2
Phone (secondary)
*What is the preferred way to contact you
Phone Call
Text Message
US Mail
*Church membership/appointment
Approximate church size
Local church or district committees currently serving on:
*Please check all that apply
I identify as having a disability
I am the parent/spouse/legal guardian of someone with a disability
OTHER: Fill in your preferred gender identification
Ethnicity/Race Identification
Date of Birth

(Required for youth/young adult)

*Clergy/Laity Status
*If Clergy, Conference status?
List work, educational degree, expertise, board services, volunteering, hobby which may be relevant.

You may attach a resume/CV or additional sheet with leadership experience if desired.

You may attach a resume/CV or additional sheet with leadership experience if desired.

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

*Spiritual Gifts:

You may take a spiritual gift assessment at:

*Are you interested in serving
in your District?
in the Conference?
*How are you able to attend meetings?

(check all that apply and note if work schedule, transportation or technology may be an issue for any of the following meeting options)

On the phone
Video conferencing or web-based meeting
*How do you typically receive updates about conference ministries?
Email (Conference or District)
District Superintendent 
Conference website
Social Media
Conference Boards/Committees/Commissions in which you might be interested.

Please check all that apply. (Find Job Descriptions under Nominations on the Conference website –

Administrative (Ministry) Agencies:
Council on Finance and Administration
Board of Pensions
Commission on Archives and History
Commission on Equitable Compensation
Annual Conference Session Planning Committee
Annual Conference Human Resources Committee
Committee on the Episcopacy
Committee on Pastoral Care and Counseling
Conference Nominations Coordinating Committee
Conference Resolutions Committee
Committee on Rules of Order
Benevolence (Mission) Agencies:

Committees with astricks (*) are Board of Global Ministries Standing Comittees

Conference Council on Connectional Ministries CCMC Committees:
Program Review
Planning & Research
Board of Camp, Conference & Retreat Ministries
Board of Church and Society
Board of Discipleship
Board of Global Ministries
*Parish Development
*Community/Institutional Ministries
*Mission Education
*Hispanic/Latino Ministries
*Volunteer in Mission
*Disaster Preparedness & Response
*Justice for Our Neighbors
*Mission Personnel Committee
Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry
Board of Laity
Board of Ordained Ministry
Council on Youth Ministry
Christian Unity & Interreligious Concerns
Commission on Religion and Race
Commission on Status and Role of Women
Commission in Ministry w/ Persons with Disabilities
*Nominee’s permission to share this information (This form will be forwarded to your pastor for recommendation.)

Enter your name below. By typing your name and signing in the area below you are verifying your name and date of this signature

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*Pastor’s or District Superintendent’s recommendation:

Please give the name and contact information of the pastor/district superintendent who has given approval that you would be an appropriate fit for district or conference leadership

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