Meeting or Event Equipment Reservation Form

Please fill out this meeting or event equipment reservation form as soon as you have scheduled and reserved a room at the Iowa Conference Center. If you are the meeting coordinator, please forward a link of this form to the presentor. This form will need to be submitted 14 days prior to the event. Communications will do our best to accomodate all requests but can only fulfill on a limited basis. 

*First Name
*Last Name
*Coordinator's name

Please indicate the name of the person who is helping coordinate this event with the Iowa Conference Center

*Meeting Name
*Date and Time of Event
*Which room will you be needing the equipment set up in?
John Wesley
Charles Wesley
Samuel Wesley
Susanna Wesley
Jacob Albright
Martin Boehm
*Date and Time of Room Set-Up
Equipment Needed for the Event

We now use TVs with HDMI adapters to show presentations and videos. You are responsible for bringing your own adapter if your computer or tablet cannot connect via HDMI.

USB Remote Control for Computer
Lavaliere (clip on) Microphone
Handheld Microphone
Extension Cords
Power Strips
Multiple TV Screens
If you need power strips and extension cords, how many do you need?

We do not provide a computer for you. You are responsible for bringing a computer and the necessary adapters to connect to an HDMI input. If you have questions, contact

Additional Equipment and Services NOT Listed above

If you are in need of additional equipment and/or services, please contact the Communication's Department at the Iowa Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church as soon as possible at (515) 974-8907 or Descripe what is needed below.

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