Candidacy Retreat Registration - August 2019




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*Address 1
Have you done the following things
Contacted your Pastor or Campus Minister, other Elder or Deacon or District Superintendent relating to your call/candidacy?
Read and discussed The Christian as Minister with the person you contacted?
WIth your Pastor, Campus Minister, other Elder or Deacon, or DS written your first draft of your Statement of Call?
Submitted your Statement of Call to your DS, requesting a meeting with them for the purpose of admission to the candidacy process?
Copied Lisa Steel, Director of Ministerial Services ( on the above?
Requested and held an introductory meeting with your Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee (or equivalent) to discus your call and desire to enter candidacy?
Requested Charge Conference Approval? (this can occor before OR after the Candidacy Summit Retreat.)
Requested an introductory interview with your district Committee on Ordained Ministry?
Included your Statement of Call on this Application?
Dietary Restrictions
Statement of call. Please articulate your call below.

Type or copy and paste your call statement herer or upload a file with your call statement below.

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*Registration Fee ($25)
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